Aviation View | Volume 2, Issue 1

116 AVIATION VIEW VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 rce County Airport O n the Pacific Northwest Coast, the mighty Columbia River winds its way from the coast through Washington and Oregon, then into British Columbia and Alberta north of the border. However, the rivers that make up its catchment cover even more territory and if you follow one of them, the Snake River, you end up in Lewiston, Idaho, which is, remarkably, the furthest inland port in the U.S. Michael Isaacs, Airport Director for the Lewiston- Nez Perce County Airport, explains, “This is a jump-off point for the back country. There are a lot of aviation enthusiasts that fly out in their bush planes into the mountains. On the other hand, as the furthest inland deep-water port, right here where the Clearwater and Snake Rivers meet, we have one of the world’s largest paper mills, but we also have cruise ship traffic. From March until December we have cruise ships that make their way from Portland all the way here to Lewiston – there are about 35,000 passengers a year on those ships from American and Princess Cruise Lines.” New projects in the wings