Aviation View | Volume 2, Issue 3

22 AVIATION VIEW VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 Council of governments to promote Central Texas as a travel destination. And the Killeen region is the perfect leisure destination with big land, open spaces, rivers, lakes, fishing, and hunting. Roque clarifies, “One of the things all of us different municipal visitors’ bureaus are doing is working together with the Council of Governments to bring more visitors to our area, so folks can see what kind of quality-of-life opportunities we have. GRK just had a big red ribbon event for the grand opening for our new Tailwind Concessionaire group who came in and re-branded the gift shop. We also have a bar and coffee shop now the Copilot Coffee and Cantina, and we have a grill called Rotors and Wings. This is the perfect place in central Texas for all your aviation needs!” The biggest focus these days is on promotion. Where GRK has traditionally focused on the City of Killeen and its residents, they are now advocating for the whole central corridor of Texas and realizing the opportunities that exist further afield. “It may sound corny,” Wilson quips, “but what we are really about is putting the ‘regional’ back into Killeen-Fort Hood Regional. We just constantly push forward on making this the type of airport that serves everyone’s needs.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Killeen Convention & Visitor’s Bureau www.visitkilleen.com