Aviation View | Volume 2, Issue 1

118 AVIATION VIEW VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 as well,” says Isaacs, who took over as Airport Manager at the beginning of 2020. “We’re very happy and fortunate to have two of the world’s largest airlines in Lewiston – Delta serving Salt Lake City, and United flying daily to Denver. We have spent about $19 million on infrastructure in the last three years. We redid our crosswind runway, reconfigured taxiways, built a fire station administration building, remodelled the second floor in the boarding area… so we’ve expanded our capacity and doubled our boarding capacity. We have just been going great guns in terms of expanding and making this airport an amazing place to fly into or out of.” From a general aviation perspective, the airport has seen its busiest season in 25 years. Where commercial aviation has only come back to about 80% of pre-COVID numbers, corporate and GA traffic has soared. Idaho just issued an economic impact statement that showed a direct economic impact from the airport of over $73